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International road transport

MKD Logistics offers a loads application to activate orders and requests for transportation using the latest advanced technology, and those requests are done in less than 5 minutes. The user, whether he is the owner of a production plant or the owner of a product distribution station for export, requests an international transport truck through the application whose purpose is to transport goods to Any of the Arab Gulf countries or countries cooperating with the Arab Republic of Egypt, such as Sudan, Libya, to name a few, and since the application has a capacity of not less than 5,000 drivers and truck owners, they are provided for these requests in less than 5 minutes, and the services and privileges of a company are also provided. MKD for both the dealer and the driver, for example: - 

1- International truck tracking service during the journey from or step to the last step.
2- Free international driver insurance service
3- Free international goods insurance service
4- Free international truck insurance service